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 Virgo - Put Me To Work

Personality        Love        Friendship        Compatibility

Personality p

Want to really get to a Virgin? Pick your nose or swear loudly in public. Throw your jacket on the floor when you visit. Watch them cringe.

Think of the Odd Couple's Felix Unger - meticulous, nitpicky, constantly worried about his delicate sinuses. All Virgo's aren't that  bad, of course. But they come close. They have a deep need for order. When everything's not just so, they get nauseous.

Virgo's didn't earn their reputation as finicky perfectionists for nothing. They nag. It's not that they think they're perfect. Deep inside they know they aren't, and that's what really bothers them. They figure they can make up for their own faults by making you  perfect.

They're shy at first, but once you get Virgo's talking they don't stop. Their inquiring minds want to know, and they retain everything. They love to show off their verbal and mental superiority in a good argument - a very polite  one, of course. The Virgin's favorite phrases are "please," "thank you," and "excuse me."

Virgos have a deep need to be of service to the world - to feel useful.  They don't easily take the lead, but any task you give them will be completed neatly and perfectly. They would be mortified to do it any other way.

The whole concept of relaxation throws them. Even their free time is structured into careful little time segments - rest from 3 to 3:30, read from 3:30 to 4, listen to music from 4 to 4:30. (And then for the fun part - organizing the refrigerator until 5.)
Love p

Virgins are shy (what else would Virgins be?) when it comes to love. They take it very  seriously.

Virgos want love more than anything else they can think of - but not many people meet their incredibly high standards. Should someone come close, they might overlook the fact that they squeeze the toothpaste from the top or don't fold their underwear. But they can't help offering gentle reminders that this is not proper behavior.

Virgos have a tough time expressing what's in their heart. They fear the L-word. They don't use it lightly.

Friendship p

If you don't take their helpful little criticisms personally, Virgos are excellent pals. They're snooty - they won't hook up with just anybody - but their friendship is worth earning. Virgos will get you out of jail at 2 in the morning or pick up your Aunt Alice at dawn. They stick to their promises.

Quiet, gentle Virgos have few enemies. Even when they're annoyed, they're polite about it. They don't expect a lot out of people. If you're rude or inconsiderate to them, they shrug and chalk it up to your basic defects as a member of the human race.

Compatibility p

Virgo and Aries:  Rams are fiery, flighty and despise practical people. Virgos are practical people. Bad idea.

Virgo and Taurus:  Both are practical, earthy, principled. A sensible, stable union likely to result in a house in the suburbs and 2-5 kids.

Virgo and Gemini:  Gemini's are children who refuse to grow up. Virgos were born with middle-aged minds. This relationship would take a lot of work, and even more compromise. Best avoid.

Virgo and Cancer:  The Crab and the Virgin form a strong, healing emotional bond. But Cancer's tendency toward smothering can send independent Virgo packing

Virgo and Leo:  A union of extremes. It could be sadomasochistic. (A virgin and a lion? Think about it). It could be magical. (A virgin and a lion? Think about it). A relationship only for the adventurous.

Virgo and Virgo:  They will try to make each other perfect. They will drive each other crazy. If both can learn to relax, they might not destroy each other.

Virgo and Libra:  Libras' intelligence appeals to Virgos. They will respect each other. But in the end, the Virgin's realism will deflate Libra's airy charm. A touchy match-up.

Virgo and Scorpio:  The Scorpions protection makes the Virgin feel safe and secure. But the relationship lacks lasting passion, and Scorpios will not tolerate criticism of any kind. Virgos criticize - they can't help it.

Virgo and Sagittarius:  An odd match the can work. Opposites often attract - and these two can teach and mellow each other. Still, they are very different, and a lot of heartache can be involved.

Virgo and Capricorn:  A perfect union, based on mutual understanding and respect. These earthy souls will laugh, cry, and grow old together.

Virgo and Aquarius:  Shared intellectual pursuits will draw these two together, but it is best that they remain friends. Aquarius loves the Virgin's mind but has no patience for her emotions. Sexually, the relationship lacks chemistry.

Virgo and Pisces:  The Fish lives in the chaos of his vivid imagination. Virgo has no tolerance for poetic nonsense. The differences are entirely too great to make a relationship work.