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 Taurus - Count On Me

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Personality p

Strong. Steady. Reliable. Decisive. Bulls ain't glamorous. you might even call them boring (and they won't be  offended). They ooze common sense. They always finish what they start. They always do what they promise.

Taurus is the sign you turn to when your car breaks down, your finances are in ruins, or your wife has left you. They have strong shoulders and good advice.

Bulls plod through life building a solid career, a quality home and a healthy family. They hoard their pennies and fill their homes with fine things. A plush velvet sofa makes Taurus feel all warm inside.

Bulls are earth mothers (and fathers). Their one weakness is indulgence - they can never get enough food, relaxation, or sex (preferable all at the same time).

Bulls are charming in a slow, sensual kind of way.
And once they get onto your mind, you can't stop thinking about them.
They're funny. They don't mind poking fun at themselves to make you laugh. 

Don't let that fool you. Bulls are stubborn. New ideas make them nervous, and they don't like to be pushed. It takes a lot to make them mad,  but when they get mad. they won't forget their grudge for a long time (and neither will you).

Love p

Bulls need cows to protect and love. They're the marrying kind. They start sizing up your possibilities moments after they meet you. They woo you with quiet, candlelit evenings in their romantic love nests. They get you between their fine linen sheets. They are highly sexual animals.

Taurus's are never afraid to say "I love you." They're snuggly and cuddly. Sometimes they give too much and forget to take back. All they ask is that you never, ever  cheat on them. Bulls are fiercely possessive. Then betrayed, they're merciless. They paw the ground, snort - and charge.

Friendship p


don't trust just anyone. Tell them your deepest secrets within minutes of meeting them, and watch them run. Bulls make friends slowly and cautiously (like they do everything else). They keep a circle of close, intimate pals.

You want to be in that circle. Bulls are friends for life. They keep secrets. They're not afraid to tell you when you're being stupid. They invite you to their luxurious homes and lavish you with fine food and wine. They'll do almost anything (that's legal) to make you happy.

Compatibility p


Taurus and Aries:  Forget about it. Rams act without thinking, speak without thinking, and ram everything in their way. Stubborn, practical Bulls are in their way.

Taurus and Taurus:   Stability squared. A match as comfortable (and just as exciting) as a cozy old sweater. They'll spend half their lives in the kitchen, the other half in the bedroom. So, they're in a rut. Who cares?

Taurus and Gemini:  Routine gives Gemini the jitters. Routine gives Taurus hot flashes. The only thing the Bull can rely on is the Twin's unreliability. A rotten idea.

Taurus and Cancer:   These two have the rare ability to be soul mates, business partners and lovers - all at once. A union even Bogey and Bacall would envy.

Taurus and Leo:  Overbearing Leo will set the Bull to stomping his feet and tossing his horns. Leo needs the freedom of the jungle; Bulls need to keep an eye on their cows. An incompatible combination.

Taurus and Virgo:  Both are practical, earthy, principled. A sensible, stable union likely to result in a house in the suburbs and 2-5 kids.

Taurus and Libra:  Libra's flirting will drive Taurus crazy. Libra yawns at the Bull's routines. Both sign appreciate the arts. Limit the relationship to monthly trips to the museum.

Taurus and Scorpio:  The most divine enemies in the Zodiac. They admire and envy each other, but would rather die than admit it. Run, don't walk, from this fatal attraction.

Taurus and Sagittarius:  Sagittarius lives for adventure; Taurus lives for cozy nights by the fire. Sagittarius can't sit still; Taurus is a lounging pro. An interesting combination.

Taurus and Capricorn:  Carefully planned destiny. Their solid love results in a church wedding, well-mannered children, and a fat pension fund. Dan Quayle, eat your heart out. We're talking family values here.

Taurus and Aquarius:  Aquarius moves a step ahead; Taurus plods slowly with the crowd. Aquarians need detachment; Bulls need devotion. Their differences are so huge they need a translator to say hello.

Taurus and Pisces:  Pisces is a fantasy addict; Taurus a harsh realist. The dreamy Fish's illusions will drive the earthy Bull to murder. A masochistic match-up.