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- Don't Tread On Me

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Personality p

C'mon, admit it. when someone tells you they're a Scorpio, you get a little scared. A slight chill takes over you, you back away slowly. You're careful about what you say. You don't want to offend them.

maybe it's those deep, penetrating Scorpio eyes, or that reserved, chilly exterior they wear so well. Whatever it is, you don't want to mess with the Scorpion. You're sure to lose - painfully.

Scorpio's magnetism is majestic and powerful. It's the only sign in the Zodiac that has two  symbols - the stinging Scorpion and the soaring Eagle. More U.S. presidents were born under Scorpio than any other sign. They get want they want, and they use any means to get it. It's not in your best interest to get in their way.

They're sharp. They're shrewd. They're sly. Be careful what you tell them. If you offend them, they'll use it later - years later - to get even. They like to watch others suffer. It makes them feel powerful.

Everything about Scorpio is mysterious and seductive. You just know they're guarding some incredible secret. Don't even think about trying to dig it out. Scorpios don't share secrets. Ever.

They would die if you knew it, but Scorpios have a weakness. They overindulge in food, sex, drugs and alcohol. It's the one thing they can't control. It makes them crazy. (The enlightened ones - the Eagles - overcome this through spiritual awakening.)
Love p

Scorpios get what they want. If they've fixed those sexy, penetrating eyes on you, just lay down and enjoy it. They will have you.

Quite frankly, you should feel honored. Scorpios hate to lose control, and usually hide their emotions under a cool mask. They'll assess the odds and assess you quite thoroughly before making a move.

They're highly sexual. They're secretive, possessive and jealous. Don't even look at another. When scorned, Scorpions are vindictive and cruel - murder is not out of the question.

Friendship p

No one is a better friend or a worse enemy than the Scorpion. They either love you or hate you - immediately. They screen and scrutinize before they grant friendship.

They like sharp people who stimulate their minds. If you make the cut, loyal Scorpio is your for life (and it's good to have them on your side). They expect total trust. The want to know where you'll be at 3:00 today and who you'll be spending next Tuesday with. They won't tell you their own plans. Don't ask.

If you betray them, they will cut you off immediately. Don't bother to seek forgiveness. It won't be granted.

Compatibility p

Scorpio and Aries: Danger. Rams demand to be the aggressor. Scorpions demand to be the aggressor. Scorpions love secrets. Rams can't keep them. Stand clear.

Scorpio and Taurus: The most divine enemies in the Zodiac. They admire and envy each other, but would rather die than admit it. Run, don't walk, from this fatal attraction.

Scorpio and Gemini: These two may be drawn to each other in some twisted, masochistic way, but the match-up will lead to heartache. Scorpio is deep, Gemini shallow - and that just scratches the surface.

Scorpio and Cancer: They will communicate without words, share their deepest, darkest secrets, and protect each other from the cruelty of outsiders. A magical union, full of empathy, security and trust.

Scorpio and Leo: Shudder at the thought. Intense, cool Scorpio controls with silent, withering stares that give loud-mouthed Lions the willies. This is one control game Leo can't win, and Lions hate to lose.

Scorpio and Virgo: The Scorpions protection makes the Virgin feel safe and secure. But the relationship lacks lasting passion, and Scorpios will not tolerate criticism of any kind. Virgos criticize - they can't help it.

Scorpio and Libra: Scorpio has a lot to teach Libra and is drawn to the Scales in a fatherly way. But Scorpio, who seeks only one side to every issue (his), will be sorely tested by Libra's indecision.

Scorpio and Scorpio: A powerful emotional roller coaster. Together, they could save, or destroy, the world (and each other). Sex will be a religious experience. A rocky climb to soaring heights that could end suddenly with one false step.

Scorpio and Sagittarius: A combination too scary to consider. Sagittarius, who speaks without thinking, will wound supersensitive Scorpio again and again (a dangerous thing to do). Sagittarius is open and honest; Scorpio feeds on secrets. Lethal.

Scorpio and Capricorn: Scorpio will be pleased and puzzled that the unemotional Goat has little interest in his closely guarded secrets. They will be a "power couple," feeding off each other's drive and ambition. But they will never, ever completely understand each other.

Scorpio and Aquarius: If one thing bugs Scorpio, it's not to understand someone - and no one understands Aquarians. Both are curious about people (for different reasons); they'll probe each other's minds and motivations.

Scorpio and Pisces: They understand each other's deep emotions and carry those into the bedroom. A much better match between a Pisces woman and a Scorpio male, but in general, this has excellent potential.