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Personality p

The symbol for Sagittarius is a funny-looking thing. It's half Centaur (horse) and half Archer (man). It stands for man trying to lift himself from his lower nature. Imagine a man's torso on a horse's hind end, trying to balance and shoot an arrow. It makes Sagittarius...well...clumsy.

They're forever putting those horse's feet in their mouths. "I didn't mean you were getting f at," they'll say. "Really, I think those extra twenty pounds look good on you. You have the kind of frame that can carry a lot of extra weight."

Is this an apology, or should you storm out the door? Give poor Sagittarius a break. He can't help that he's brutally honest and doesn't know when to shut his mouth. Happy-go-lucky Sagittarius never means any harm. He always tells the truth. Some people call it tactless.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Archers boast a lot and exaggerate a little. Just take what they say with a grain of slat, and try to get them talking about something important, like religion or philosophy. They're very wise in these subjects. They'll talk - and you'll want to listen - for hours.

Love p

Let's get this straight right from the start. Sagittarius will not tolerate any restrictions on his personal freedom. If you try to pin him down, he will blow you a kiss and fly off to Buenos Aries. Sagittarius is terrified of responsibility and  reluctant to commit.

Still interested? Be prepared for a wild ride. Archers are looking for someone clever and on-the-go like themselves, a travel companion as well as lover. They flirt a lot in  their quest for adventure. Then their honesty gets the best of them, and they tell you about it. Ouch.

Friendship p

How can you not like a Sagittarius? They're lively and fun. They always pick up the dinner tab.

Archers are constantly looking to add new dimensions to their life. They make friends everywhere, from the tavern to the grocery store line.

If you can stand it, no one is more fun to be around. Archers drag you from the hippest new health club to the hottest night club and plan a weekend trip to the Bahamas over shots of tequila. They fart and belch and think it's hilarious. But admit it. It was funny (for everyone but Martha) when he put that whoopee cushion on Martha's chair.

Compatibility p

Sagittarius and Aries:  They both believe in Santa Claus, telling the truth even if it hurts, and talking. And talking. And talking. If they shut up long enough to listen to each other, this match is made in heaven.

Sagittarius and Taurus:  Sagittarius lives for adventure; Taurus lives for cozy nights by the fire. Sagittarius can't sit still; Taurus is a lounging pro. An interesting combination.

Sagittarius and Gemini:  These two have loud, boisterous fun together. They're a riot to be around. The Twins and the Archer complement each other and spur each other to greater heights.

Sagittarius and Cancer:  "I didn't mean to say your new pink sweater is ugly," the tactless Archer will say as the Crab cries in the corner But it's too late. Sagittarius' honesty wounds the supersensitive Crab.

Sagittarius and Leo:  Energetic and optimistic, Leos and Sagittarius will travel the seven seas and offer each other all the excitement they can stand (a lot). The Archer's occasional arrows of honesty can would the Lion's pride.

Sagittarius and Virgo:  An odd match the can work. Opposites often attract - and these two can teach and mellow each other. Still, they are very different, and a lot of heartache can be involved.

Sagittarius and Libra:  They share the gift of gab, a love of romantic adventure and the lofty search for truth. Libra and Sagittarius will swashbuckle their way to the land of happily ever after (wherever that may be).

Sagittarius and Scorpio:  A combination too scary to consider. Sagittarius, who speaks without thinking, will wound supersensitive Scorpio again and again (a dangerous thing to do). Sagittarius is open and honest; Scorpio feeds on secrets. Lethal.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius:  Their lives together will be everything - except dull. They will talk, travel, laugh, learn - all to excess. Jupiter's expansion will take this relationship beyond their wildest dreams.

Sagittarius and Capricorn:  In this case, opposites don't attract - nor should they. The Goat should stay in the safety and comfort of home and wave good-bye to happy-go-lucky Sagittarius as he trots off to Timbuktu. Nothing's worth this kind of heartache.

Sagittarius and Aquarius:  They will be best friends as well as lovers, feeding off each other's fine minds and enthusiasm. Sagittarius will sate his wanderlust with a trip into the weird and wonderful mysteries of Aquarius' mind - and find little reason to stray.

Sagittarius and Pisces:   The Fish is moody and prone to withdraw in fits of depression; the Archer is optimistic and prone to fits of laughter. The only thing these two have in common is their mutual mismanagement of money.