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Personality p

Pisces' symbol is two fish, one for the personality and one for the soul. They are swimming in opposite directions. Most Pisces feel like both are swimming upstream. They're troubled. Harsh words or gray weather send them into a deep funk for weeks.

Fish don't expect much out of life. They know they're going to come in last, get the smallest piece of the pie, be overlooked when choosing sides for basketball. They think they deserve it because they've been bad.

Pisces are saints and martyrs. They care deeply about everyone else's problems. They're psychic - the vibes around them make them all itchy. They'll do anything to help their friends, but they don't know how to help themselves. It isn't easy being a Fish. They wallow in self-pity and gorge themselves in food, booze, or drugs. This makes them more depressed. It's a vicious cycle.

Fish need time alone every day to build up their squeamish energies. Pisces love art and poetry and mystical things. They believe in magic. They are deep.

Love p

Pisces looks wistfully at the waxing moon and knows that somewhere out there is a soul mate who will accept their adoring gestures, love poems and white roses. Somewhere

That someone won't mind standing up on a pedestal while Pisces gazes affectionately at them through rose-colored glasses. The Fish love to love. They bring their beloved peonies because it's Tuesday, chocolates because it's Friday. They wouldn't mind a few unexpected little something's in return.

They want to remain friends with their past lovers forever. They believe they'll eventually come to realize what a good thing they had.

Friendship p

They'll always remember your birthday. They'll listen to your romantic entanglements until dawn (when everyone else is sick of hearing them). They'll drive you to and from the dentist and hold your hand when you get a root canal.

Pisces live to help their fellow man. Resist the temptation to take advantage of these gentle souls - it's far too easy. They are always there for you. They're friends for life. They will never hurt you.

Compatibility p

Pisces and Aries:  The Ram will trample all over watery, supersensitive Pisces. The Fish lives in a fantasy world all his own; the Ram knows only reality. A masochistic match, once you get past the sexual chemistry.

Pisces and Taurus:  Pisces is a fantasy addict; Taurus a harsh realist. The dreamy Fish's illusions will drive the earthy Bull to murder. A masochistic match-up.

Pisces and Gemini:  The differences between the Twins and the Fish are, to say the least, overwhelming. Lighthearted Gemini will stomp all over deep Pisces' fragile emotions. End it before the Fish gets hurt (or murders the Twin).

Pisces and Cancer:  Great sex. It will sweep the Fish and the Crab like a tidal wave. Pisces listens with real sympathy to Cancer's changing moods. Both tend toward overindulgence in alcohol, drugs, and escapism.

Pisces and Leo:  This can get confusing, especially if you equate great sex with love. Pisces doesn't mind - in fact, enjoys - being dominated by bossy Leo, but the Fish's fits of dark depression won't be well-received.

Pisces and Virgo:  The Fish lives in the chaos of his vivid imagination. Virgo has no tolerance for poetic nonsense. The differences are entirely too great to make a relationship work.

Pisces and Libra:  Days of wine and roses. Spurred on by their passion in the bedroom, these two can learn to blend Libra's intellect with the Fish's dreams (balance, you know). Both are romantics - and both can overindulge.

Pisces and Scorpio:  They understand each other's deep emotions and carry those into the bedroom. A much better match between a Pisces woman and a Scorpio male, but in general, this has excellent potential.

Pisces and Sagittarius:  The Fish is moody and prone to withdraw in fits of depression; the Archer is optimistic and prone to fits of laughter. The only thing these two have in common is their mutual mismanagement of money.

Pisces and Capricorn:  On the surface, their differences seem great, but they're softened through natural communication and mutual acceptance. They will spend many warm nights by the fire, away from the crowds, basking in the sympathetic vibrations of their union.

Pisces and Aquarius:  As friends or business associates, these two are a powerful force that could save the world. They share humanitarian concerns. But their emotional incompatibility (the Fish's excess of, the Water Bearer's lack of) can easily destroy a love relationship.

Pisces and Pisces:  They'll look deep into each other's waters eyes and understand without speaking a word. Their communication is sympathetic, intuitive - psychic. But each needs a strong mate to prod them out of despondency. Another Fish might not be the one.