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- Be Fair With Me

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Personality p

Got a few hours? Ask a Libra if he would like chocolate or vanilla ice cream. He'll consider. He likes chocolate, alright, but if he had vanilla he could put hot fudge on top and have the best of both. But that would be twice as bad for him (and Librans, known for their sweet tooth, have to watch that paunch). Then again, just chocolate is boring, although not as boring as plain old vanilla...

Better yet, don't ask a Libra if he wants chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Tell him which kind to have.

Libras just can't make up their minds. It comes from their need to see justice done and their ability to see both sides of every issue. They think everything through so thoroughly it's a wonder they ever get out of the house in the moving. Should they wear the blue shirt or red? Loafers or boots? You get the picture.

Libras are the natural judges of the Zodiac. They are fair to all people at all costs. injustice of any sort (whether to themselves or others) offends them greatly. they argue, naturally, because they can see both sides. But they never get ugly about it.

Ugliness, of any sort upsets the balance of Libra's delicate Scales. They appreciate fine art and music and beautiful people. In fact, most Libras are beautiful people. They have pretty dimples and dazzling smiles, and they're always dressed to perfection. (You would be, too, if you took that long deciding what to wear).

Love p

Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love. If you are blessed with a Libran lover, look to the heavens and thank her for this gentle, affectionate creature.

Libras are sentimental and romantic. They bring you red roses when you're feeling blue and serve you breakfast in bed. Libras love to be in love. It's what they live for. Once in a while they start petty little arguments. They only do it to make sure you still love them.

Friendship p

Libras hate to be alone. They need someone by their side to share the world's wonders. They need someone to take the other side in their philosophical arguments (oh, sorry...discussions) they love so much. They have lots of friends.

Libran friends are loyal and true (the only fair way to be). They're charmers. They throw fabulous parties and lavish their buddies with the best. They baby sit your kids (and look forward to it), chat over the phone for hours when you can't sleep, and take care of your cat when you're out of town (even if they're allergic to it).

Compatibility p

Libra and Aries:  Gentle Libra is among the few who can soften the excitable Ram. Libra respects the Ram's cohunes. Opposites can attract. But it takes a lot of work.

Libra and Taurus:  Libra's flirting will drive Taurus crazy. Libra yawns at the Bull's routines. Both sign appreciate the arts. Limit the relationship to monthly trips to the museum.

Libra and Gemini:  Match made in heaven. Libra gives Gemini the mental challenge and freedom the Twins crave. They are soul mates. Both love people, parties, and ethereal philosophical discussions. A keeper.

Libra and Cancer:  A tense match that works better between a Cancer male and Libra female. The Crab's emotions clash with Libra's intellectual approach. Both parties have to really want it.

Libra and Leo:  Gentle Libra, terrified of the Lion's fierce temper, will tame the Big Cat with subtle diplomacy. Libra has the breathtaking good looks Lions seek. They will take champagne bubble baths and cuddle between luxurious silk sheets.

Libra and Virgo:  Libras' intelligence appeals to Virgos. They will respect each other. But in the end, the Virgin's realism will deflate Libra's airy charm. A touchy match-up.

Libra and Libra:  Perfect harmony. They will talk through the night, cuddle under satin sheets, read poetry to each other. There's more affection and mental stimulation than sexual chemistry, but it all (of course) balances out.

Libra and Scorpio:  Scorpio has a lot to teach Libra and is drawn to the Scales in a fatherly way. But Scorpio, who seeks only one side to every issue (his), will be sorely tested by Libra's indecision.

Libra and Sagittarius:  They share the gift of gab, a love of romantic adventure and the lofty search for truth. Libra and Sagittarius will swashbuckle their way to the land of happily ever after (wherever that may be).

Libra and Capricorn:  Capricorn sees the glass half-empty, Libra sees it half-full. The Goat steadily plods the path toward his goal; Libra studies, weighs and agonizes over which path to take. Usually, their paths run opposite directions (a blessing for both).

Libra and Aquarius:  Libra needs peace, harmony - everything smooth and easy. Eccentric Aquarians bump and bruise their delicate balance, put their Scales off kilter. But the mental stimulation is electric.

Libra and Pisces:  Days of wine and roses. Spurred on by their passion in the bedroom, these two can learn to blend Libra's intellect with the Fish's dreams (balance, you know). Both are romantics - and both overindulge.