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 Leo - Worship Me 

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Personality p

King of the jungle? No self-respecting lion would settle for that. King of the universe if more like it, thank you. Lions, ruled by the sun, expect to rule the world. Just as the earth orbits around the fiery ball, they demand that all earthlings revolve around them. After all, it's for the mere mortals' own good. The world could certainly benefit from Leo's superior organization and leadership.

Affectionate and generous, Leos spread sunshine wherever they go. The Lion's flamboyant, dramatic zest for life is infectious. Leos ooze creativity and have much to teach about art, literature, film, fine cuisine, couture (and on and on). They need to be recognized and admired. Lions get what they want.

A few Leos take on the pussycat role. Don't be fooled. The fierce Lion lurks within every Leo. Go ahead and cross one. His roar is loud and frightening. his temper explosive. Fortunately for his subjects, the regal Lion rarely holds a grudge.

Love p

Want to win a Leos heart? Fly him to Paris for dinner at a five-star restaurant. After the meal, whisk him off to box seats at the opera - in Rome. Feed him caviar and Dom Perignon as dawn breaks. What? You say you can't afford this royal treatment? Uh-oh!

Leos must be wined, dined and seduced with nothing but the best. They need a lover with charm and devastatingly good looks (someone who makes them look good - and they already look better than most). They need to be adored and adorned (with jewels, cashmere, you get the picture...). Isn't that what love's all about?

Friendship p

Lions need a big circle of adoring, appreciative admirers. (Other people call these friends. In the animal kingdom, a pack of lions is called a pride.)

Leos win their subjects' hearts with big, extravagant bashes and gifts. It's fun to be a loyal Lions friend - as long as you're open to advice on how to improve your hairstyle, your home decor, your relationships, your lifestyle (and on and on). Though generous, Leos don't offer this wisdom unselfishly. If you look good, they look good. And to Leos, looking good is what life's all about.

Compatibility p

Leo and Aries:  Rams and Lions coo over each other and get hot flashes when they're together. Even their fierce clashes of strong wills are exciting.

Leo and Taurus:  Overbearing Leo will set the Bull to stomping his feet and tossing his horns. Leo needs the freedom of the jungle; Bulls need to keep an eye on their cows. An incompatible combination.

Leo and Gemini:  Talk about a challenge. The Twins are adaptable enough to put up with the Lion's boasting, and appreciate his fierce protection. This works better between a female Gemini and male Leo.

Leo and Cancer:  Extravagant, expansive Lions offend cautious Crabs. The Lion's claws are sharper - they will rip Cancer's vulnerable emotions to shreds. These two can easily destroy each other.

Leo and Leo:  They'll protect, adore and pamper each other - a king and a queen lording over the fiefdom. Lovemaking will be royal bliss. Their clashes of wills, however, can be deadly. (Ever see a cat fight?)

Leo and Virgo:  A union of extremes. It could be sadomasochistic. (A virgin and a lion? Think about it). It could be magical. (A virgin and a lion? Think about it). A relationship only for the adventurous.

Leo and Libra:  Gentle Libra, terrified of the Lion's fierce temper, will tame the Big Cat with subtle diplomacy. Libra has the breathtaking good looks Lions seek. They will take champagne bubble baths and cuddle between luxurious silk sheets.

Leo and Scorpio:  Shudder at the thought. Intense, cool Scorpio controls with silent, withering stares that give loud-mouthed Lions the willies. This is one control game Leo can't win, and Lions hate to lose.

Leo and Sagittarius:  Energetic and optimistic, Leos and Sagittarius will travel the seven seas and offer each other all the excitement they can stand (a lot). The Archer's occasional arrows of honesty can would the Lion's pride.

Leo and Capricorn:  Lions would delight in spending all that money practical Goats have saved up for a rainy day - but no Goat would let them near it. Leos don't believe in rainy days; Capricorns always carry an umbrella. Their differences are immense.

Leo and Aquarius:  Aquarians are interested in others; Leos in themselves. The Water Bearer's thoughts are too far out there to think about personal appearances. Lions think about little else.

Leo and Pisces:  This can get confusing, especially if you equate great sex with love. Pisces doesn't mind - in fact, enjoys - being dominated by bossy Leo, but the Fish's fits of dark depression won't be well-received.