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Personality p

Watch the Twins at a party (where you're bound to meet them). They stop in on every conversation, agree with one group that the Republicans are to blame for the sorry state of the economy, agree that  the Democrats have gotten us into a fine economic mess, ask the band if they can sit in for a set, flirt with the hostess, chat with the waitress, discuss martinis with the bartender.

It tires your out just to watch as they spin and whirl.

You want to beg the Twins to stop, please, concentrate on one thing at a time. They can't. They need, to show off the little they know about so many things and find out what other people know, how they know it, why they know it.

Geminis are the communicators. They scatter their talent and their wits across the globe. They squeal with delight at new stimulating information before they scatter that around, too.

Remember, there are two  people inside that lively body. Both are constantly demanding change, variety, mental turnons. You can almost see the two sides fighting as they chatter at you, rip their napkin into shreds, and chain smoke.

Then, in a flash, the Twins are gone. Someone new has walked in. They might have something fascinating to relate.

Love p

What is Love? Why do we love? Are the Twins in love or is this a karmic connection from a past life? These are questions a Gemini will pick through, ponder - and put off when the next more interesting person comes along. Gadfly Geminis can't shut off their minds and let their hearts take over.

Affairs of the heart just aren't that important to fickle Gemini. Their overworked minds confuse monogamy with boredom (their biggest fear). They need freedom. To win their hearts, you must constantly entertain them, seduce them with you wit, intelligence and non-stop mental stimulation, and allow them to be what they are - confusing.

Friendship p

Charmers and flirts, the Twins are always surrounded by people. it's not easy to break through the crowd and get close to them. To tell the truth, they have few real friends. Shallow Gemini backs off when it gets too deep.

Geminis need stimulating friends who share their weird interests. It's tough to keep up with them. They attract spirited people who understand why they're constantly late for appointments (they have so much to do) and join them on a spur-of-the-moment trips to Egypt to study hieroglyphics.

Compatibility p

Gemini and Aries:  Like two kids in Candyland, they skip off hand in hand, convinced they can rule the world. A beautiful fantasy for them. Scary for the rest of the world. Anything can happen.

Gemini and Taurus:  Routine gives Gemini the jitters. Routine gives Taurus hot flashes. The only thing the Bull can rely on is the Twin's unreliability. A rotten idea.

Gemini and Gemini:  They encourage each other's weird endeavors, talk until dawn, and team up against boredom. But two Geminis can uselessly scatter their energy (which is considerable, considering there are four people here) to the winds.

Gemini and Cancer:  Childlike Gemini is drawn to Cancer, the eternal mother. Gemini has a lot to learn from Cancer, and sometimes needs shelter under the Crab's shell. Still, the Twins don't deal well with the Crab's possessive streak.

Gemini and Leo:  Talk about a challenge. The Twins are adaptable enough to put up with the Lion's boasting, and appreciate his fierce protection. This works better between a female Gemini and male Leo.

Gemini and Virgo:  Geminis are children who refuse to grow up. Virgos were born with middle-aged minds. This relationship would take a lot of work, and even more compromise. Best avoid.

Gemini and Libra:  Match made in heaven. Libra gives Gemini the mental challenge and freedom the Twins crave. They are soul mates. Both love people, parties, and ethereal philosophical discussions. A keeper.

Gemini and Scorpio:  These two may be drawn to each other in some twisted, masochistic way, but the match-up will lead to heartache. Scorpio is deep, Gemini shallow - and that just scratches the surface.

Gemini and Sagittarius:  These two have loud, boisterous fun together. They're a riot to be around. The Twins and the Archer complement each other and spur each other to greater heights.

Gemini and Capricorn: The practical Goat will never, ever understand how the scattered Twins run their unplanned, unpredictable lives. The two can learn a lot from each other - but they might kill each other first.

Gemini and Aquarius:  These two understand the weird and wonderful mysteries of each other's minds (if no one else can). Together, they buzz around in a magical wonderland that few earthlings ever reach.

Gemini and Pisces:  The differences between the Twins and the Fish are, to say the least, overwhelming. Lighthearted Gemini will stomp all over deep Pisces' fragile emotions. End it before the Fish gets hurt (or murders the Twin).