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 Cancer - Love Me

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Personality p
"Give me your tired, your poor, your downtrodden..." Yep. The good old U.S. of A. is a Cancer, and the motherly Statue of Liberty says it all. Crabs want to protect and save the world. Don't mess with them. They're fierce. They defend their rights, and the rights of their friends and family, at any cost.

Male and female, Crabs are the ultimate mothers. Cancer is the sign of home, mom, and apple pie.

Crabs are intuitive (even psychic) and wear their emotions like a set of cloths. They're ruled by the moon. Cancer moods change as it waxes the wanes. They're laughing one minute, gushing and crying and getting all sentimental about the weirdest things the next.

Don't ever, ever suggest that a Crab get rid of some of that stuff that's been in the attic for decades. Why, that spook is from the thread that their great-great grandmother used to make her wedding dress. Have you no feeling for history?

Cancers adore history, and they remember everything. Ask them about their first day of school (if they have a lot of time to spare). They'll remember every detail, down to the cute little socks they wore and the moment when their mother (sob) actually left them there.

Cancers have a unnatural attachment to their mothers. The fact the Mom left them alone with al those strangers might be the reason that they're so emotional and sensitive to this day.

Love p

Crabs mate - for life. Their natural instinct is to have kids - lost - so marriage is a must. Over your first lunch date, a Crab will ask demurely whether you prefer June or December weddings.

Crabs are cuddly and sensual. But they withdraw into their shell and snap with their claws when they feel slighted (and they feel slighted more often than most). They need to know they're No. 1. Treat them gently. Crabs are soft when it comes to love.

Friendship p

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Cancers will always come to your rescue. Crabs can't say no, even if you ask them to carry 150 pounds of luggage on their back up steep hills and through the desert. They smother their pals, but that's only because they care so much. Everyone should have a Cancer friend or two.

In return for everything they do, Crabs expect their friends to be there when their funky depressions hit. If you're not around when they need you, they feel personally rejected.

Compatibility p

Cancer and Aries: Rams attack; Crabs retreat. The two have different ideas about everything from the meaning of life to buttered toast. A painful match.

Cancer and Taurus: These two have the rare ability to be soul mates, business partners and lovers - all at once. A union even Bogey and Bacall would envy.

Cancer and Gemini: Childlike Gemini is drawn to Cancer, the eternal mother. Gemini has a lot to learn from Cancer, and sometimes needs shelter under the Crab's shell. Still, the Twins don't deal well with the Crab's possessive streak.

Cancer and Cancer: Sung as bugs, they will cook gourmet meals on a budget, cry on each other's shoulders, get crazy at the full moon. Two crabs must beware of retreating from the cold, cruel world together.

Cancer and Leo: Extravagant, expansive Lions offend cautious Crabs. The Lion's claws are sharper - they will rip Cancer's vulnerable emotions to shreds. These two can easily destroy each other.

Cancer and Virgo: The Crab and the Virgin form a strong, healing emotional bond. But Cancer's tendency toward smothering can send independent Virgo packing.

Cancer and Libra: A tense match that works better between a Cancer male and Libra female. The Crab's emotions clash with Libra's intellectual approach. Both parties have to really want it.

Cancer and Scorpio: They will communicate without words, share their deepest, darkest secrets, and protect each other from the cruelty of outsiders. A magical union, full of empathy, security and trust.

Cancer and Sagittarius: "I didn't mean to say your new pink sweater is ugly," the tactless Archer will say as the Crab cries in the corner But it's too late. Sagittarius' honesty wounds the supersensitive Crab.

Cancer and Capricorn: The super-achieving Goat provides all the security Crabs need - for a price. Capricorns may not have time to meet Cancer's heavy emotional needs. A solid union that requires effort.

Cancer and Aquarius: Aquarius has a lot to offer, but not anything Cancer is looking for. Aquarians are freedom-loving, unconventional and intellectual. Cancers are not. An unlikely pair.

Cancer and Pisces:  Great sex. It will sweep the Fish and the Crab like a tidal wave. Pisces listens with real sympathy to Cancer's changing moods. Both tend toward overindulgence in alcohol, drugs, and escapism.