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 Aries - Me First

Personality        Love        Friendship        Compatibility

Personality p

Go ahead. Tell a Ram to follow the leader. Then stand back (or run). He'll stomp around, fume, flail his arms angrily. Rams don't follow. They lead. Everyone should know that.

Rams know what they want, and they always get it. If they don't get it now, they throw temper tantrums. Like spoiled children

Scarlett O'Hara was an Aries. Get the Picture?!

Driven? Rams put Hurricane Andrew to shame. Aries are commandos. They're ruled by mars, the fiery red planet that inspired the God of War. They think the Huns were wimps.

Spend a day with an Aries. You'll need a week in bed to recover. They whirl around and around like the Tasmanian Devil. It's exhausting just to watch them. Don't try to keep up. it's not possible.

You never have to question where a Ram stands - on anything. Rams tell you everything you want to know, and then some, about themselves. "But we've talked about me long enough," they'll say. "What do you think about me?"

You think they don't notice, or care, if you're listening. But deep inside, they're really afraid you won't like them. They need to be loved - by everybody.

Love p

Rams expect to be swept off their feet with searing, red-hot, heart-in-your-mouth, bells-and-whistles passion. They're in love with falling madly in love. (They don't necessarily love the object of their affections - it's the excitement of the fall that gets them.)

They're amorous. Better keep up, or they'll satisfy their urges elsewhere. When the thrill is gone, so are they.

They ain't easy to live with. They marry late or not at all. They often divorce. They believe in themselves far more than anybody else.

Friendship p

Rams know everyone - and make lots of noise so everyone knows them. They want to be everybody's friend. They're not picky. They like anyone who will listen to them.

Rams want their friends to be successful and spectacular, to make them look good.

They're not afraid to ask for favors - big ones. They'll do the same for you - if they're around. An Aries may drop out of your life for months, even years, then drop back in when you least expect it.

Compatibility p

Aries and Aries:
Spontaneous combustion. The fireworks are spectacular and scary. They butt heads but resolve their fierce arguments with hot, sweaty lovemaking. Steamy.

Aries and Taurus: Forget about it. Rams act without thinking, speak without thinking, and ram everything in their way. Stubborn, practical Bulls are in their way.

Aries and Gemini: Like two kids in Candy land, they skip off hand in hand, convinced they can rule the world. A beautiful fantasy for them. Scary for the rest of the world. Anything can happen.

Aries and Cancer: Rams attack; Crabs retreat. The two have different ideas about everything from the meaning of life to buttered toast. A painful match.

Aries and Leo: Rams and Lions coo over each other and get hot flashes when they're together. Even their fierce clashes of strong wills are exciting.

Aries and Virgo: Rams are fiery, flighty and despise practical people. Virgos are practical people. Bad idea.

Aries and Libra: Gentle Libra is among the few who can soften the excitable Ram. Libra respects the Ram's cahones. Opposites can attract. But it takes a lot of work.

Aries and Scorpio: Danger. Rams demand to be the aggressor. Scorpions demand to be the aggressor. Scorpions love secrets. Rams can't keep them. Stand clear.

Aries and Sagittarius: They both believe in Santa Claus, telling the truth even if it hurts, and talking. And talking. And talking. If they shut up long enough to listen to each other, this match is made in heaven.

Aries and Capricorn: The Ram lives by his wits. The Goat plans out which socks he will wear the night before. Where Capricorn finds peace, Aries finds boredom. Only the sure-footed would attempt this rocky climb.

Aries and Aquarius: Fascinating. Together, they will fight for justice in Khartoum, study Buddhism in Tibet. A powerful union, but the Aquarian's natural interest in (gasp) others will miff self-centered Aries.

Aries and Pisces: The Ram will trample all over watery, supersensitive Pisces. The Fish lives in a fantasy world all his own; the Ram knows only reality. A masochistic match, once you get past the sexual chemistry.