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Aquarius - Live and Let Live

Personality        Love        Friendship        Compatibility

Personality p

Aquarians are not really from here. They were dropped onto Earth by aliens from the planet. They are not like us. They're weird. They like it that way.

Aquarians know how the phases of the moon affect animal psychology and can predict the upcoming scientific discovery of a planet that spins backwards around Jupiter, causing the grass to grow more slowly on Earth. They can communicate with animals and stars. They know  things that mere humans do not. Believe it.

Some people think Aquarians are mad (geniuses are always accused of being insane). They don't really care what you think. And they don't spend a lot of time talking your  inventory, either.

If you live in a cardboard box on a street corner, they'll think it quite inventive of you to create a cozy home out of garbage. They'll buy you a cup of coffee and tell you how to tap into energy from the sewer system for heat. They'll wonder if living in garbage might be the next big thing (Aquarians are always  a step ahead of the rest.

Most of all, they'll leave you feeling all warm and wacky. Aquarius is the sign of brotherly love.

Love p

Love's all right. In fact, Aquarians are rather intrigued by the glamour and glimmer of romance. But when it comes right down to it, they value friendship much more highly.

All that flowery language seems a waste of time. Public displays of affection embarrass them (and they don't embarrass easily). While you're wooing them, they're thinking about the theory of astrological order in reincarnation.

A lot of them never marry. They need space to explore. Give it to them. The more freedom you allow them, the more faithful they will be.

Friendship p

Aquarians love to meet new people. They might learn something - or at least pass along some theories of relatively to a new face. They find something wonderful in everybody. They'll give you their last dime.

Aquarians have lots of friends and few enemies. Their most intimate friends are finical or bohemian, like they are, and give them space to wander the cosmos.

Don't be offended if an Aquarian friend momentarily forgets your name. With all that data banging around in their heads, they can be a bit absent-minded.

Compatibility p

Aquarius and Aries: Fascinating. Together, they will fight for justice in Khartoum, study Buddhism in Tibet. A powerful union, but the Aquarian's natural interest in (gasp) others will miff self-centered Aries.

Aquarius and Taurus: Aquarius moves a step ahead; Taurus plods slowly with the crowd. Aquarians need detachment; Bulls need devotion. Their differences are so huge they need a translator to say hello.

Aquarius and Gemini: These two understand the weird and wonderful mysteries of each other's minds (if no one else can). Together, they buzz around in a magical wonderland that few earthlings ever reach.

Aquarius and Cancer: Aquarius has a lot to offer, but not anything Cancer is looking for. Aquarians are freedom-loving, unconventional and intellectual. Cancers are not. An unlikely pair.

Aquarius and Leo: Aquarians are interested in others; Leos in themselves. The Water Bearer's thoughts are too far out there to think about personal appearances. Lions think about little else.

Aquarius and Virgo: Shared intellectual pursuits will draw these two together, but it is best that they remain friends. Aquarius loves the Virgin's mind but has no patience for her emotions. Sexually, the relationship lacks chemistry.

Aquarius and Libra: Libra needs peace, harmony - everything smooth and easy. Eccentric Aquarians bump and bruise their delicate balance, put their Scales off kilter. But the mental stimulation is electric.

Aquarius and Scorpio: If one thing bugs Scorpio, it's not to understand someone - and no one understands Aquarians. Both are curious about people (for different reasons); they'll probe each other's minds and motivations.

Aquarius and Sagittarius: They will be best friends as well as lovers, feeding off each other's fine minds and enthusiasm. Sagittarius will sate his wanderlust with a trip into the weird and wonderful mysteries of Aquarius' mind - and find little reason to stray.

Aquarius and Capricorn: It's not the worst combination under the sun - but it comes pretty close. Both sides will have to work very hard to overcome their completely different outlooks and attitudes. If they can do that, they'll learn a lot from each other.

Aquarius and Aquarius: They will be best friends, soul mates, wanderers into the weirdness and wonder of the universe. A match made in heaven (or whatever concept these two explore, debate and decide upon for that bestowed of great miracles in the sky).

Aquarius and Pisces: As friends or business associates, these two are a powerful force that could save the world. They share humanitarian concerns. But their emotional incompatibility (the Fish's excess of, the Water Bearer's lack of) can easily destroy a love relationship.