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S     T     E     P     S


Described by producer Pete Waterman as "Abba on speed," U.K. pop sensation Steps formed in the spring of 1997 when members Lisa Scott-Lee, Faye Tozer, Claire Richards, Lee Latchford, Ian Watkins (aka "H") got together with the common goal of creating a pure pop party sound. "Life is always sunny in StepsWorld," their credo goes, "and Steps [will] almost always be found partying."

Since their formation, the fivesome have released a string of hit singles in their native land, including "5,6,7,8," "Last Thing on My Mind," and their first U.K No. 1 single, "Heartbeat / Tragedy," which reached the top spot on the British charts in early 1999. Under the guidance of producer Waterman, Steps recorded their first album, Step One, which entered the U.K. charts at No. 2 upon its September 1998 release.

With legions of fans across the U.K. and Australia, Steps set their sites on the United States. They joined Britney Spears on her first headlining tour of North America, which garnered the hard-working quintet thousands of new fans in the United States and Canada.

In early 2000, Steps will see if their triple-platinum success translates to American audiences with the February release of their first U.S. album, Step One. The CD, on Jive Records, contains all their U.K. hits in addition to new material.



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