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         R O B E R T   M I L E S

Robert Miles is the Americanized stage name of Eurodance hitmaker Roberto Concina, who was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland in November 1969. Miles disliked music as a child, but by this early '20s he had become a professional DJ, mixing techno, trance and progressive house records in small Italian clubs.

In 1990 the amateur pianist built his own studio and began collaborating with producer Joe T. Vanelli on Eurodance tracks. Miles 1995 commercial debut single "Children" became an Italian club hit, exposing Europeans to the "dream house" style of dance music; it later reached the U.K. Top 10 and went platinum in Britain, Switzerland and Germany. His 1996 full-length bow Dreamland was also his U.S. debut (on Arista), though he remained infinitely more popular in Europe than in North America.

Miles followed it up with 1997's 23 AM, a spacey release that featured American divas Kathy Sledge, Nancy Danino and Barbara Prunas.


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