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Aqua is the name of a new funky, groovy and somewhat psychedelic pop dance foursome that is three-fourths Danish and a quarter Norwegian. Their origins stem back to 1989 when Claus, Soeren, Rene and Lene got together and formed their first group Joyspeed. At this juncture, they signed a contract with a small Swedish record company, which prompted a brief residency on the music charts.
Becoming disillusioned with their progress, they renamed themselves Aqua and signed a record deal with a Swedish subsidiary of Universal Music. "Roses are Red," their first single, was released in 1996 and went to the top of the charts in Denmark and Sweden. The single "My Oh My" went gold six days after its release.

Their 1997 debut release, Aquarium, tore up the European dance charts. Their second album, Aquarius, was released in 2000.



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