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In early 1991, a top-secret conference was held by the highest powers in the music industry. Secluded in the icy depths of a Helsinki stronghold, this immortal cabal of lawyers, accountants and artist management insiders pored over the latest statistics and trend data. They foresaw the frightening, inevitable rise of a dark horde, emerging from the cradle of Great Britain. These "Spice Girls" could not be stopped, but their evil intensity could only be matched by one phenomenon. So the organization came to one earth-shattering, heart-stopping conclusion. To subdue the rise of "Girl Power," they had to implement the ultimate defense in the war that is bubble-gum pop: the British boy band. Several months later, on the set of an unsuspecting late-night TV show, Jimmy Constable met Simon "Spike" Dawbarn. The two teenagers, who were dancers on the show, hit it off and decided to form a group. By 1995 the duo had named themselves 911, and begun searching for a third member. They found him in Lee Brennan, who met the pair while getting autographs for his sister. The triumvirate of 911 was complete. 
Like New Kids on the Block and Menudo before them, 911 built their success from the ground up. In 1996, 911 released their first single, a remake of the Shalamar disco hit "A Night to Remember," on Ginga Recordings. The song went to No. 38 on the U.K. charts. Two more singles, "Love Sensation" and "Don't Make Me Wait," did successively better, with "Don't Make Me Wait" entering the Top 10. 

911 signed to Virgin Records and released their debut album, The Journey, on February 24, 1997. Even at the height of Spicemania, the record was an enormous success in the U.K. and was at the top of Malaysian pop charts for 20 consecutive weeks. 

In June 1998 they released their second full-length recording, Movin' On.



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