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Third Eye Blind, the four-man band from the Bay area, rehearsed the songs for their self-titled album in a warehouse in San Francisco's Chinatown. Frontman Stephan Jenkins, guitarist Kevin Cadogan, bassist Arion Salazar and drummer Brad Hargreaves list U2, Perry Farrell, Camper Van Beethoven and David Bowie as early musical influences.

Their 14-track debut album was released on Elektra in the spring of 1997 and produced the hits "How's It Going To Be," "Graduate" and "Semi-Charmed Life."

That same year the band reached rock 'n' roll nirvana when they were invited to play select dates on both the Rolling Stones and U2 tours. Three years later, the band split somewhat less than amicably with guitarist Cadogan, who went on to form his own band, Bully.


Stephan Douglas Jenkins

lead vocals, guitarist, songwriter


Birthday - September 27
Eyes - Green [Edited to look Blue in the HIGTB Video]
Height - 6'1"
Weight - 180
Describes himself as - Knock 'em down!
Family - has a brother, George, and (possibly) two sisters. He is the youngest, his dad's name is George and he is a retired political science and African studies proffesor at Stanford, and his mom, Elizabeth was an administrator at Stanford, too. They divorced when Stephan was young. (courtesy Teresa)
Worst habit - Being evasive
Pet peeves - Brad being a pig in the hotel
Most embarrassing moment - 'I have no shame.'
Biggest turn on - Long legs, and big butts, nice teeth, smarts, and a good sense of humor
Greatest Compliment Ever Received - You rock!
Best day of his life - today
Biggest musical influence - The Police
Other musical influences - Led Zepplin, The Clash, British 60's and 70's
Inspiration - "The life that I lead, the life that I see... everything that I see around me, a good sunset, the way the light changes in San Francisco...
Other bands and or projects - Millions of Others
Listens to - Sarah McLachlan, The Verve, Foo Fighters, The Police, The Clash, Rancid, Puccini, ambient stuff...
Boxers/Briefs - Briefs
Favorite song on the album - 'I Want You'
Favorite song to perform live - 'God of Wine'
Favorite part of quitting smoking - "I can sing better, and, of course, there's that lack of that horrible smoker's stench that gets on your fingers and in your hair."
Likes to - surf, snowboard, play volleyball + minigolf, hang out with friends, ride a motorcycle... "I can't express how little I care about watching people play sports. I like playing, just not watching."
Weirdest thing a fan ever did to him - A girl tried to bit his finger off but he pried her off before she broke the skin [psycho??]
As a little boy what did you get spanked for? "Spanking other little girls." [damn kids...]
Apart from keys, what do you never leave home without? "My soul"
Which record always gets you on the dance floor? "My own"
What's the toughest thing you've ever done? "I held my hand underwater in a bucket of ice for 3 minutes."
Describe your perfect Sunday - "Spend the whole day in bed with NY Times, lots of cartoons, good company"
What's the biggest myth about fame? "It's all true"
What's the worst come-on line you've ever tried? "Don't know any come-on lines."


Kevin Cadogan

lead guitarist, backing vocals, songwriter


Birthday - August 14
Eyes - Blue
Hair - naturally brown, currently bleached blonde
Height - 6'1"
Weight - 170
Ethnicity - He's from Ireland
Lives - Berkeley
Describes himself as - bold and beautiful
Worst habit - modesty [Last time I checked modesty was good...]
Pet peeves - arrogant people
Most embarrassing moment - Chasing a rolling bottle of Thunderbird wine down the aisle of a public bus, where an ex-girlfriend's Mother sat looking on in disgust.
Biggest turn on - Girls that sing along to Semi-Charmed Life. [Likes girls singing dirty words]
Greatest Compliment Ever Received - Being nominated for a Bammie
Best day of his life - Drinking with U2 on their plane
Biggest musical influence - U2
Other musical influences - David Bowie, Camper Van Beethoven, 60's and 70's British Bands
Other bands and or projects - Cult of Bigness, Tone Deaf, Winter Effect, and some various rave sh~t.
Boxers/Briefs - Boxer-briefs
Favorite songs on the album - 'Graduate' 'God of Wine' 'The Background'


Arion Gabriel Salazar


bass, backing vocals


Birthday - August 9
Height - 5'10"
Weight - 155
Describes himself as - thoughtful, generous, and romantic
Worst habit - playing loud music in his hotel room
Pet peeves - people who don't clean up after themselves
Most embarrassing moment - Censored
Biggest turn on - dark-haired cuties
Greatest Compliment Ever Received - "My Mom says I'm handsome."
Best day of his life - The first time he heard the Beatles
Biggest musical influence - The Beatles
Other musical influences - David Bowie, Camper Van Beethoven, 60's and 70's British Bands, Beatles, Paul McCartney
Favorite artists of the moment - Foo Fighters and Diamonda Gallas [an experimental singer].
Other bands and or projects - Was in Fungo Mungo from 1989-94. He wrote and produced the soundtrack to the ActiVision CD-ROM game interstate 76. It featured his side project Bullmark.
Boxers/Briefs - "Briefs are suffocating, and boxers get all bunched up in my trousers. I keep my package comfy in boxer-briefs."
Favorite song on the album - 'How's It Going to Be' or 'The Background' [Different sites have different answers]


Brad Hargreaves



Birthday - July 30
Height - 6'0"
Weight - 155
Describes himself as - no comment
Worst habit - sweet tooth
Pet peeves - posers, ego trips
Most embarrassing moment - far too many to choose from
Biggest turn on - smart people
Greatest Compliment Ever Received - "F~cking top drummer!" - Bono Vox
Best day of his life - tomorrow
Biggest musical influence - No one person or group
Other musical influences - Stewart Copeland of the Police, Phil Red of ACDC, John Bonham
Other bands and or projects - He played with Vijay Lyer on Memorophilia and Architexturs. He also played with Liberty Ellman on Orthodoxy.
Boxers/Briefs - Boxers
Favorite songs on the album - 'Motorcycle Drive By' 'Losing a Whole Year' 'How's It Going to Be'





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