Indianapolis - USA

US Grand Prix - 28 September 2003
Race Distance : 306.6km / 191.5m
Number of Laps : 73
Lap Distance : 4.02km / 2.55m
Lap Record : J.P. Montoya 1.14.448
Qualifying : 13:00 - Sep 28/2002
Race : 14:00 - Sep 29/2002

Data taken from last year's inaugural Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Speedway should help drivers settle in a lot more quickly this year but some corners, notably the infield around turns 8, 9 and 10, have been slightly modified.
The cars will cross the start/finish line reaching a peak speed of over 200 mph before braking hard for the first comer, a 90 degree right hander taken in 2nd at 62 mph which flows into another 90 degree left hander. This is even tighter and the cars will remain in 2nd gear, accelerating to around 70 mph.
From there they accelerate through the sweeping right hand comer leading to turn 3, which will be taken in 3rd gear at around 130 mph. A very short straight, where the cars will reach around 143 mph before braking leads into turn 4 taken at 80 mph.
Cars accelerate away from turn 4 and approach the 45 degree turn 5 at 105 mph. Hard braking sweeps the drivers through the 180 degree turn 6 at 75 mph which swings right, through turn 7 on to the back straight at 185 mph turning 75 degrees left into the 'ess' bends of turn s 9 and 10 which is similar to turn 6 but taken at 60 mph.
The curve of turn 11 taken at 80 mph pulling over 3 G's sets the car up for the most crucial turn of the circuit at 12. Slowing fractionally from 155 mph on the short straight the drivers will feed in the power to round the long right hander and onto the main 'straightaway' accelerating to their maximum speed having stayed at full throttle for around 19 seconds.
"The challenge is to be as fast as you can, as soon as you can, coming through 11," said former F1 driver Andrea Montermini. "All the way from Turn 11 back round to Turn 1, the speed is very high. Speeds will be 320 km/h (200 mph) and more at the end of the straight."





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