Circuit de Catalunya - Spain

Spanish Grand Prix - 04 May 2003
Race Distance : 307.323km / 190.961m
Number of Laps : 65
Lap Distance : 4.730km / 2.939m
Lap Record : M. Schumacher 1.21.151
Qualifying : 13:00 - Apr 27/2002
Race : 14:00 - Apr 28/2002

From the starting line cars accelerate downhill at 190 mph to Elf. The approach to Elf is downhill until almost the corner itself when it rises to the left. Braking hard at -3.8 g, this corner is taken in 3rd gear at 85 mph on the inside so that the car can drift out to the left for the next bend taken in 4th at around 100 mph. Curvone Renault is the first long, sweeping 180-degree right-hander, entered in 4th gear at 100 mph with 140 mph attained during its course.
Out of Renault and accelerating to about 180 mph before the circuit loops back on itself at Revolt Repsol. Entered in 2nd gear at 85 mph, cars catapult out up to 155 mph and in 5th gear along a short straight to Revolt Seat. Hard on the brakes, this tight left-hand hairpin drops the cars downhill at around 60 mph through a gentle left-handed sweep at 160 mph before braking again to enter Revolt Würth. Here, the track takes a sharp left-hand turn which is almost 90 degrees and is entered in 2nd gear at 85 mph. On exit, the circuit turns slightly right as 5th gear and 155 mph is reached.
Revolt Campsa is a blind right-hander but can be navigated safely in 5th at 135 mph. Then it's down the short straight called Nissan in top gear at 185 mph, on the run into 180 degree hairpin Revolt La Caixa, which is taken in 2nd gear at 65 mph as it climbs to the right into the two 100-degree bends at Banc Sabadell. Entered in 3rd at 80 mph, it is exited in 5th gear as the car accelerates towards the penultimate corner, another right-hander that turns into a short straight leading to the final bend which is taken in 5th gear at about 140 mph. On to the Start-Finish straight where cars reach a maximum of 190 mph on the kilometre-long straight.





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