Monza - Italy

Italian Grand Prix - 14 September 2003
Race Distance : 306.764km / 190.614m
Number of Laps : 53
Lap Distance : 5.793km / 3.600m
Lap Record : M. Hakkinen 1:24.808
Qualifying : 13:00 - Sep 14/2002
Race : 14:00 - Sep 15/2002

The Rettifilio Tribune is the long start-straight leads to the Variante Goodyear (also known as Variante del Rettifilio). This is approached in top gear at around 215 mph and it is marked by the wide pit straight that precedes it. It is a very fast but bumpy left-right-left-right 2nd-gear chicane that's entered in 2nd at 60 mph and exited at 80 mph. Almost immediately after is Curva Grande, which is a very bumpy, longish right-hander that is hard work on the steering. Drivers invariably use the kerb at its exit at 185 mph and then it's along the back straight where 200 mph is touched.
The Variante della Roggia is also known as 2A Variante. The braking area prior to entering this left-right chicane is both bumpy and slippy. Approached in top gear, it is negotiated in 2nd at 60 mph and exited in 3rd at 85 mph. Curva di Lesmo is a contentious sharp right-hander. Invariably taken fast, shifting between 4th and 3rd gears, with speeds ranging between 150 mph and 95 mph. Coming out of the turn, the cars rocket down Curve del Serraglio, a long straight that means the driver approaches the next chicane at speeds approaching, and sometimes exceeding, 200 mph.
Drivers hope their brakes are in good order as they approach Curva del Vialone, a left-hander, braking from 200 mph in 6th gear to 4th gear at the 100-metre board. Then, on to Variante Ascari, the second part of the chicane, quickly flicking right, then left and changing down into 2nd gear at 85 mph. Exited in 3rd gear at 125 mph, cars accelerate onto the Rettifilio Centro straight and attain 200 mph on the approach to the final curve.
The Curva Parabolica is a long, looping right-hander that is important to lap-times as the entry and exit to it determine how quickly drivers can get on the gas as they come out of it and on to the longest straight on the circuit. Braking hard at -3.2g, cars decelerate to 100 mph and 3rd gear at its apex.As the curve opens out it is exited in 4th gear at 170 mph as the cars arrive in the long Rettifilio Tribune straight, before applying full throttle and crossing the Start-Finish line.





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