Hungaroring - Hungary

Hungarian Grand Prix - 24 August 2003
Race Distance : 305.5km / 189.9m
Number of Laps : 77
Lap Distance : 3.972km / 2.467m
Lap Record : M. Hakkinen 1.16.723
Qualifying : 13:00 - Aug 17/2002
Race : 14:00 - Aug 18/2002

From the Start-Finish line it's full power to Turn 1 with speeds approaching 175 mph. Turn 1 is a long, right-hand downhill bend taking the drivers through 180 degrees, entered in 3rd gear at 75 mph, exited in 4th at 135 mph. The camber on this corner can also catch drivers out or, at the very least, see them slipping out of the drive line and into the dirty sections of the track, which does not benefit their tyres or subsequent grip. Entry and exit positions are also important as the corner is blind. A short straight brings the cars into Turn 2 and then Turn 3 and here there is a choice of two lines, but whether the car turns in early or late makes little difference to the amount of oversteer experienced as this long left-hander begins to sweep right. Turn 2 is entered at 135 mph, slowing to 70 mph before accelerating out of Turn 3 at 115 mph.
Cars approach Turn 4 leaving the straight at around 170 mph, changing down from top to 4th gear while braking to 110 mph before climbing uphill on the approach to Turn 5 - another long right-hander negotiated in 3rd gear at 80 mph and accelerated out of in 4th gear to 150 mph.
Turn 6 leads to the highest part of the circuit and is a right-left chicane that is entered in 2nd gear at 55 mph and exited in 5th at 115 mph. Turn 7 comes quickly and the approach to this left-hander is bumpy. Third gear maintained throughout, 75 mph being the slowest point at the apex of the curve. Turn 8 is a right-hander and is taken in 3rd gear at 85 mph with the left-hander taken flat out. A curving straight forms Turn 9 and leads into Turn 10 which is not as fast as it looks as the corner suddenly tightens. It is taken in 4th at 110 mph.
Turn 11 is an off-camber and downhill right-left chicane which always seems to gather particles of grit, whilst a high kerb awaits the unsuspecting at the second apex. It is taken in 3rd gear at 90 mph. Turn 12 is almost a hairpin-like corner directly behind the pits and it's taken in 2nd at 60 mph. A long right-hander marks Turn 13, which mirrors Turn 1. Through it, the cars first oversteer, turning to understeer by the time they exit on to the straight via the kerb. Around 80 mph sees the cars through the apex of the curve from which they power towards 175 mph as they flash across the Start-Finish line.





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