Nurburgring - European

European Grand Prix - 29 June 2003
Race Distance : 305.252km / 189.674m
Number of Laps : 67
Lap Distance : 4.556km / 2.831m
Lap Record : J.P. Montoya 1.18.354
Qualifying : 13:00 - Jun 22/2002
Race : 14:00 - Jun 23/2002

Out of the blocks and into top gear at 180 mph towards the Castrol 'S' bend and hard on the brakes at the entry to the right-left at 80 mph in 3rd gear. The curve is exited at 100 mph as drivers change up. Quickly up to 6th gear and accelerating to 165 mph for the approach to Valvoline Kurve which is entered at 105 mph in 3rd gear and leads directly into the Ford Kurve at 65 mph in 2nd gear. Then, hard on the throttle, the cars approach the Dunlop Kurve at 170 mph in 5th gear.
The Dunlop Kurve is a right-hand 190-degree loop, making it the second-slowest part of the circuit at under 60 mph in 2nd gear. Provided cars have managed a good line through the loop, they can get on to the gas quickly and through 135 mph as the track swings gently left and right. Out of here the approach to the Yokohama Kurve (also known as the RTL Kurve) sees the cars in top gear at 170 mph, which is halved to 3rd gear at 85 mph through the near 90-degree left-hand turn. Having swept left, the Bit Kurve sweeps another 90 degrees through a right-hand turn, again in 3rd gear at around 100 mph.
On to the straight, taken full-out in top gear at 180 mph, cars brake to the Veedol Chicane, which is the slowest part of the course as cars brake down to 60 mph and sweep left and then right in 2nd gear, before accelerating to 135 mph in 4th gear. Out of here comes the sharp left-hand turn through 160 degrees which marks the Coca-Cola Kurve. This is taken in 2nd gear at 70 mph before accelerating out into the finishing straight at top speed.





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