Albert Park - Australia

Australian Grand Prix - 9 March 2003
Race Distance : 307.574 km / 191.118 m
Number of Laps : 58
Lap Distance : 5.303 km / 3.295 m
Lap Record : H. H. Frentzen 1"23'32
Qualifying : 13:00 - Mar 02/2002
Race : 14:00 - Mar 03/2002

From the start, cars accelerate to 185 mph as they reach the Fangio Stand. Flanked by the Fangio and Brabham Stands are two 45-degree right- and left-handers - Turns 1 and 2. Turn 1 is the hardest braking point in the circuit pulling -3.5 g. A change down to 2nd gear sees the first turn taken at 70 mph before a short acceleration into Turn 2, which is taken at 100 mph. Turn 2 and Turn 3 mark the bumpiest parts of the circuit. From here the cars accelerate to 180 mph before braking hard again (-3.4g) towards a sharp right-left S-bend, taking Turn 3 in 2nd gear at around 55 mph. Accelerating again the cars catapult out through Turn 4 at 80 mph, accelerating past the Whitford Stand in 5th gear at 170 mph.
A short, sharp right-hander marks Turn 6 with cars again braking hard (-3.0g) and slowing to 70 mph. The circuit then loops round to the right, negotiating Turn 8 at 155 mph, and then past the Clark Stand at 175 mph. The Fittipaldi Stand is at Turn 9 where cars brake hard again (-3.3g) before setting off to a long, inner-loop curve turning the cars left at a speed of 160 mph. They slow to 90 mph and swing right, past the Waite Stand and changing up to 5th and 140 mph before passing the Hill Stand at 160 mph. Braking hard again (-3.5g) the cars change down to 3rd gear and enter the right-hand Turn 13 at 80 mph. Accelerating to 100 mph in front of the Stewart Stand, Turn 14, another right-hander, is taken in 3rd gear at 100 mph.
The Prost Stand marks the entrance to the most difficult section of the circuit with the cars turning through two sharp 90-degree turns, going first left (Turn 15) and then right (Turn 16). Cars approach Turn 15 at 130 mph, braking hard and changing down from 4th to 2nd to negotiate the near hair-pin turn at 50 mph. Turn 16 is less demanding but still requires 2nd gear with cars accelerating in front of the Senna Stand from 80 mph on to the finishing straight. The longest section of straight on the circuit, cars can go flat out in 6th gear at 180 mph as they flash across the Start-Finish line.




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